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Man cared for adoptable dog — and realized he loved him ‘too much to let him go’

Miami Herald

A dog was adopted — but his owners had a “change of heart” and returned him one week later.

Casper the pup landed back in the care of an animal rescue volunteer who had helped him before. The man soon realized “he loved this little fellow too much to let him go away a second time and decided to adopt him,” according to the Florida Poodle Rescue.

“In the end, Casper is where he belongs,” the St. Petersburg-based animal organization wrote May 7 on Facebook. “Congratulations to the new family!”

Casper got a second chance after he was found as a stray, in “poor” shape and “suspected of having either kennel cough or pneumonia.” The dog needed medication and special baths, so the rescue hoped to find a dedicated foster parent.

That’s when the volunteer first started caring for Casper. It reportedly “took at least two months of loving care before we started to see his skin condition improve and the other infections clear.” The dog eventually went up for adoption and got a new family.

“Sadly, a week later, they indicated they couldn’t have asked for a better dog, but had a change of heart and decided they were not ready to adopt and returned him,” the rescue wrote.

Casper, who had formed a close bond with the volunteer, was “happy to be back home” with him. The feeling was mutual, and the two are now starting their next chapter together, according to the animal organization.

The heartwarming news about the adoption resonated on Facebook, where the rescue’s post gained hundreds of reactions. Some social media users chimed in, saying the situation was “meant to be.”

The Florida Poodle Rescue didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on May 8. The rescue has a presence in St. Petersburg, near Tampa.

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