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Apple’s AI chatbot is currently being developed to counter OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Apple's AI chatbot is currently being developed to counter OpenAI's ChatGPT

Apple’s AI chatbot is currently being developed to counter OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, as reported by Bloomberg News. This development has boosted Apple’s shares by up to 2 percent, reaching a record high. The company has created its own framework called Ajax to build large language models (LLMs) and is currently testing a chatbot referred to as “Apple GPT” by some engineers.

Despite other tech giants like Alphabet and Microsoft making significant strides in AI, Apple has been relatively reserved in this area. They have not made big announcements about AI, even during their developer conference in June. This restrained approach is in contrast to their peers, resulting in slight share declines for Microsoft, Nvidia, and Alphabet.

Apple subtly integrated advanced AI into products like Apple Photos, on-device texting, and the Vision Pro headset. However, analysts believe that the company is still lagging behind its competitors in fully integrating this breakthrough technology.

Apple’s expanding AI horizons

The report revealed that multiple teams, led by John Giannandrea, Apple’s head of machine learning and AI, along with Craig Federighi, the top software engineering executive, are involved in the AI efforts. Apple’s new virtual assistant can summarize text and answer questions based on the data it has been trained on. It is currently used internally for prototyping and functions as a web application, similar to Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI.

Although Apple has not finalized a concrete plan for these AI tools, it plans a major AI announcement next year. This indicates the company’s increasing interest and investment in the AI field.

Apple’s AI chatbot development signals a strategic shift in the company’s AI ambitions. While Apple has been discreet about its AI endeavors, the development of “Apple GPT” and its growing AI teams indicate a new phase in the tech giant’s engagement with artificial intelligence. The forthcoming AI-related announcement is expected to shed light on how Apple’s chatbot and AI tech will influence future offerings.. This move positions Apple as a more prominent player in the evolving AI landscape.

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