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Boris Johnson condemns NATO leaders for demanding gratitude from Ukraine

Boris Johnson condemns NATO leaders for demanding gratitude from Ukraine

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned NATO leaders for demanding gratitude from Ukraine. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the results of the recent NATO Summit in Vilnius, emphasizing the need for the Alliance to demonstrate stronger determination in its decisions regarding Ukraine.

In a column published on July 14 by the Daily Mail, Johnson highlighted the immense burden borne by Ukraine as it resists the prolonged Russian invasion, which has persisted for over 500 days.

According to Boris Johnson, it was the responsibility of NATO leaders to exhibit collective respect and gratitude for Ukraine because of its courageous resistance in a conflict where no NATO soldier has been harmed or killed. He emphasized that Ukrainians were fighting not only for their nation but also for the collective security of NATO members.

The former Prime Minister found the Vilnius summit’s conclusions lacking firmness compared to NATO’s Bucharest’s conclusion in 2008. He noted that President Zelenskyy’s initial frustration was understandable given these outcomes.

Johnson questioned when the international community would learn from the past two decades of dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He criticized the ambiguity and vacillation displayed by some nations, which he believes has emboldened Putin to carry out invasions.

Johnson urged NATO to promptly provide Ukraine with a clear timeline for membership. He also disclosed London’s support behind the scenes.

The conflict has tested Ukraine’s resilience and also highlights the need for coordinated international responses to Russia’s actions.. Many NATO member states have expressed solidarity with Ukraine and are actively providing support through military aid.

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