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Both roads into Florida Keys blocked by accidents

Miami Herald
Crashes on both the 18 Mile Stretch of U.S.1 and Card Sound Road blocked all traffic heading into the Florida Keys Friday morning, according to police.

The crash on the 18 Mile Stretch involved an overturned tanker truck that was leaking fuel, said Detective Angel Rodriguez, a Miami-Dade County police spokesman. It crashed at mile marker 116, which is on the Miami-Dade County end of the highway.

The crash on Card Sound Road happened at the south end of the Card Sound Bridde. A photo provided by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office showed a jackknifed landscaping pickup truck with a trailer.

Most traffic heading in and out of the Keys flows on the 18 Mile Stretch of U.S. 1.

Card Sound Road is the other artery, which is a two-lane highway heading southeast from Florida City on the mainland, then southwest at a three-way intersection in north Key Largo.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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