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Brazilian highway image wrongly shared online as Algeria

Brazilian highway image falsely shared online as Algeria

Following reports that Bangladesh’s forestry firm reduced ratings of trees in a significant national forest, Facebook users started sharing a picture of a highway that travels through rich green hills which they stated was an example of a mega job that did not result in logging. However the posts wrongly declared the image was taken in Algeria when it in reality revealed a highway in Brazil.

“Inform them that advancement does not need cutting trees. Place: Algeria,” checks out the Bengali-language caption of a picture published on Facebook on Might 13, 2024.

The image — which racked over 57,000 responses and over 5,600 shares — reveals a roadway going through rich green hills.

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Screenshot of the incorrect Facebook post handled Might 23, 2024

The caption meant the Bangladesh federal government’s mega tasks, a number of which activated issues amongst ecologists for their ramifications for logging, an essential motorist of increasing temperature level around the world (archived links here and here).

The image began distributing online after Bangladeshi media reported the forest department reduced numerous trees in the Altadighi National forest situated west of the nation for the advancement of a tank (archived link).

The exact same image with a comparable claim was shared somewhere else on Facebook here and here.

The claim is incorrect; the image does disappoint a highway in Algeria however was taken in Brazil.

Brazilian highway

A reverse image search on Google discovered the image was shared on November 8, 2021 from a Brazil-based Instagram account (archived link).

The post’s caption checked out “07/11/21– Cubatão – SP” with hashtags consisting of #topofbrazil and #visitbrasil.

<span>Screenshot comparison between the image used in the false Facebook post (left) and the photo shared on Instagram in 2021 (right)</span><span><button class=

Screenshot contrast in between the image utilized in the incorrect Facebook post (left) and the image shared on Instagram in 2021 (right)

The Instagram account user informed AFP the image reveals a bird’s-eye view of a point of “Rodovia dos Imigrantes” in Cubatao city in Brazil.

The image “was taken in November 2021,” he informed AFP.

Keyword searches on Google discovered information of the roadway on the site of Geodata, an Italy-based civil engineering consultancy business (archived link).

It stated it reveals Rodovia dos Imigrantes, a highway in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state that links the city to the Atlantic coast, and the seaside cities of Sao Vicente and Praia Grande.

Rodovia dos Imigrantes — which equates as “Immigrants Highway” in English — is a highway situated in the Sao Paulo state of Brazil.

It initially opened in 1974, according to the Brazilian Institute of Location and Data, run by the nation’s Ministry of Preparation, Budget Plan and Management (archived link).

The image shared in the incorrect post likewise refers Google Maps’ satellite view of the exact same place.

Below is a screenshot contrast of the image shared in the incorrect post (left) and the Google’s satellite view of the Rodovia dos Imigrantes (ideal):

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