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Central Minnesota could get 2 feet of new snow in storm coming Sunday

Central Minnesota could get 2 feet of new snow in storm coming Sunday
Central Minnesota could get a whopping 2 feet of new snow in a storm expected Sunday through Tuesday — the likely largest of the previously mild winter.

A National Weather Service forecast map Saturday morning showed a wide band of snow stretching from the state’s western border east nearly to Hinckley and from Willmar north to Brainerd. The St. Cloud, Brainerd and Morris area is expected to get 18 to 24 inches.

The northern Twin Cities area northeast to communities including Cambridge will likely see from 12 to 18 inches. Areas farther south of the metro, including Red Wing, are expected to get 8 to 12 inches.

In the wake of the storm that began Thursday night, the northern Twin Cities metro recorded the region’s highest snowfall with a reported 8 inches by Friday afternoon.

But that amount could pale in comparison with the storm forecast for Sunday.

“Generally the highest amounts will be in central to western Minnesota,” National Weather Service meteorologist Tyler Hasenstein said.

The storm is expected to begin with a lighter, fluffier snow that tends to blow around more and accumulate quicker. Later in the day, the snow will get heavier and wetter as it continues to fall into Monday, Hasenstein said.

Duluth and other communities north of the Twin Cities will see a “significant” amount of snow, likely 10 or more inches, he said.

So far this winter, the metro area’s largest snowfall came on Valentine’s Day when 6.9 inches was recorded.

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