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City-by-city results for 23 Palm Beach County municipalities

City-by-city results for 23 Palm Beach County municipalities
A look at who won and who is leading in each race across Palm Beach County, according to unofficial results from the Supervisor of Elections:

Belle Glade: Vice Mayor Joaquin Almazan defeated challenger Robert Mitchell. City Commissioner Mary Ross Wilerson lost to challenger Tequella Collins.

Boca Raton: Incumbent Yvette Drucker beat challenger Bernard Korn for Seat C on the City Council. Andy Thomson beat Brian Stenberg in the open Seat D race.

MORE DETAIL: Boca Raton election results: Yvette Drucker, Andy Thomson win council seats

Delray Beach: Former Mayor Tom Carney will be the city’s next mayor. He won the majority of the vote against Vice-Mayor Ryan Boylston and former City Commissioner Shirley Johnson. For Seat 1 on the City Commission, Tom Markert defeated Jim Chard. For Seat 3, Julie Casale defeated Nick Coppola.

Voters rejected a ballot proposal that would have put all the city’s power to grant land development regulation exemptions in the Board of Adjustment.

MORE DETAIL: Delray Beach election: Former mayor and commissioner Tom Carney, 70, elected new mayor

Greenacres: Former city council member Charles Shaw beat fellow former city council member Jonathan Pearce to in the mayoral race. City council members John Tharp and Paula Bousquet defeated challengers Edward Ayala and Fule Dogic, respectively.

MORE DETAIL: Greenacres election results: Former school board member Chuck Shaw is city’s new mayor

Highland Beach: Voters approved three ballot measures on a sanitation rehabilitation project, raising the current funding limitation to adjust for inflation, and canvassing responsibilities.

Hypoluxo: Mayor Michael C. Brown beat challenger Brad Doyle.

Juno Beach: Peggy Wheeler beat Alexander Cooke in thee mayoral race. Diana Davis beat Dean Anthon in the Town Council race.

Voters also passed changes to town law to require unanimous approval by council members to change buildings’ height limits. Voters passed a town change to town code limiting eligibility for local office to town residents, barring anyone who has been convicted of or plead nolo contendere to a “crime of dishonesty,” and provide for removal office for any officeholder who does not meet those requirements.

Voters also approved codifying in town code that the council must act in the best interests of residents through the municipal budget. Voters also changed town code so that referendum approvals go before “qualified town electors” instead of “a vote of the Town.”

Jupiter Inlet Colony: Voters approved a measure that takes power from its mayor and gives more to town council members.

Lake Park: Michael Hensley and Rafael Moscoso will head to a runoff election. Neither candidate won a majority of the vote, but were the top two vote-getters in the field of four candidates.

Lake Worth Beach: Mayor Betty Resch and former City Commissioner Andy Amoroso will head to a runoff election, as they won the most votes in the race, but neither secured a majority. In District 1, Commissioner Sarah Malega beat challenger Melvin Pinkney. In District 3, Commissioner Kim Stokes lost to challenger Mimi May. Voters also approved a measure mandating that the city update its district boundaries each decade in accordance with the census.

MORE DETAIL: Lake Worth Beach election: Mayor’s race headed to runoff between Betty Resch, Andy Amoroso

Lantana: Mayor Karen Lythgoe defeated challenger George Velazquez.

Loxahatchee Groves: In the two Town Council races, incumbent Phillis Maniglia beat challenger Robert Sullivan. Incumbent Marianne Miles lost to challenger Anita Lynne Kane.

North Palm Beach: Orlando Puyol beat William Luzuriagga for a seat on the Village Council. Voters outside the municipality rejected ballot initiatives to become part of it.

MORE DETAIL: North county annexation: Voters crush proposals from North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens

Ocean Ridge: The top three vote-getters in this race won seats on the Town Commission: Ainar Dalton Aijala Jr, Geoffrey A. Pugh and David Hutchins.

Palm Beach Gardens: Voters outside the town rejected ballot initiatives to become part of it.

Pahokee: Both City Commission races will head to a runoff election April 2. Everett McPherson leads incumbent Juan Gonzalez. Incumbent Sara Perez leads challenger Sanquetta Cowan-Williams. No candidate clinched a majority of votes.

Voters also approved measures adding the city attorney as a chartered office, requiring candidates for mayor and City Commission be residents for at least a year, and that newly elected officeholders be sworn in at the City Commission meeting following the election.

Palm Beach: Bridget Moran leads John David Corey in the Town Council race.

Riviera Beach: Council member KaShamba Miller-Anderson beat challenger Leroy Kelson IV. Voters approved measures allowing the city to raise taxes to pay for $115 million in bonds that will go a new police headquarters, fire station and parks and recreation facilities.

Royal Palm Beach: Mayor Frederick Pinto won a fifth term, defeating challenger Steve Avila.

South Bay: In the City Commission race, incumbent Barbara King beat challenger Betty Hicks Barnard.

Tequesta: Richard Sartory won another term on the Village Councill, defeating challenger Jessica Namath.

Wellington: In the race for mayor, Village Council member Michael Napoleone beat Bart Novack. For Seat 4 on the Village Council, Maria Antuña and Shelly Lariz Albright will head to a runoff, as they were the top two vote-getters in this five-person race, but neither clinched a majority. Seat 1 will also head to a runoff, with Amanda Silvestri leading, followed by Bob Margolis.

MORE DETAIL: Wellington election results: Napoleone elected new mayor; village annexes 257 acres

Palm Beach Post Staff Writers Maya Washburn, Wayne Washington, Valentina Palm and Jasmine Fernandez contributed to this report.

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Election Day: Palm Beach County’s city-by-city results

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