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Colombia’s congress votes to prohibit bullfights, dealing a blow to the centuries old custom

Colombia's congress votes to ban bullfights, dealing a blow to the centuries old tradition

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombia’s congress voted on Tuesday to prohibit bullfights in the South American country, providing a severe blow to a centuries old custom that has actually motivated popular tunes and books however has actually ended up being progressively questionable in the nations where it is still practiced.

The expense authorized by Colombia’s congress requires the prohibiting of bullfights in a 3 year period, making the custom unlawful by the start of 2028. The brand-new law now requires to be signed by President Gustavo Petro, who has actually been a very long time challenger of these occasions.

Bullfighting came from the Iberian peninsula and is still legal in Spain, France, Portugal, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico, to name a few nations.

It was as soon as a popular occasion, broadcast live by numerous tv networks. However the custom has actually come under increased examination as views alter about animal rights, and numerous discover it undesirable to see an animal suffer for home entertainment’s sake.

In bullfights, a matador deals with bulls that are reproduced to be aggressive. The matador ridicules the bull with a red cape and eliminates the animal with the blow of a sword after it has actually tired of charging at the matador in a circular arena.

In Colombia, where bullfights have actually been held given that colonial times, less than 2 lots towns continue to hold these occasions, although the yearly bullfights in the city of Manizales still draw 10s of countless viewers.

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