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Dog found in ‘rough shape’ got a loving home that didn’t work out. Then came good news

Raleigh News and Observer

A dog found in “rough shape” got a loving home — but the situation didn’t work out.

Then came the good news that he was adopted in North Carolina.

“Handsome beagle boy Red has a new family to call his own,” the Triangle Beagle Rescue wrote May 7 on Facebook. “Congrats to all!”

Red — known as a “sweet,” friendly and loyal dog — is starting his next chapter after facing difficult circumstances.

“My previous owner had to surrender me to TBR,” the Raleigh-area rescue said in an April social media post written from Red’s perspective. “It was tough for both of us; my mom loves me dearly, but she’s battling an aggressive illness and can no longer care for me.”

It’s not the first time Red has endured hardship.

“When my mom found me a couple of years ago, I was in rough shape,” the rescue wrote. “I was so skinny, barely getting enough to eat. But she nursed me back to health with all her love and care.”

By the time the animal rescue posted about Red, he was “thriving.” He was described as “a joy to have around” and a dog prepared to shower his next owner “with love and loyalty.” Then on May 7, he got his second chance.

“He’s off to live with his adopters in Durham,” Kelly Grimes, who had been a foster parent to Red, told McClatchy News in an email. “They are a retired couple whose son just graduated from college. I think they are really going to enjoy each other.”

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