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Trump makes outrageous claim linking Joe Biden to cocaine usage

Trump makes outrageous claim linking Joe Biden to cocaine usage

Donald Trump has made an outrageous claim in which he accused Joe Biden of cocaine usage. Trump reinforced his unfounded claim regarding the cocaine found in the White House, implying that Joe Biden uses the drug to energize himself before speeches.

“Because you watch Joe at the beginning of a speech and he’s got a little life ― not much ― but by the end of the speech, he’s a disaster,” Trump told “Real America’s Voice” host Wayne Allyn Root on Thursday. “He can’t find his way off the stage. So, there’s something going on there.”

Trump accused Joe Biden and Hunter Biden of cocaine usage. The former president suggested that the stash likely belonged to both the president and his son, Hunter Biden. The president and his family were not present at the White House when a bag of cocaine was discovered in a designated storage area for personal items of visitors and staff.

Root, a conspiracy theorist and author of the book “Trump Rules,” echoed Trump’s baseless claims, suggesting that Biden’s handlers give him something to boost his energy before each speech or interview.

“I think they boost him up,” Trump agreed. “And we can’t have a president on cocaine who’s dealing with nuclear weapons and everything else.”

Trump then veered off to remark that Biden has never been mentally on par with other world leaders.

Previously, Trump insinuated that Biden was under the influence of cocaine, connecting it to the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago to retrieve classified documents and the indictments against him in the documents case, as well as the hush-money payments to a porn star.

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