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Former Hereford House worker allegedly urinated in food, rubbed it on genitals: affidavit

Kansas City Star

A former worker at the Hereford House in Leawood allegedly posted videos online of himself urinating in food and rubbing food items on his genitals, according to court documents released Wednesday afternoon.

The Johnson County district attorney charged 21-year-old Jace Christian Hanson, of Kansas City, with one felony count of unlawfully adulterating or contaminating food at the restaurant, located at 5001 Town Center Drive in Leawood’s Town Center Plaza.

According to the affidavit, videos posted online showed a man urinating in restaurant style food bins, pressing his penis and butt against food and using his feet to touch food items.

The titles of the videos included, “pissing in the serving sauce again,” “Pissing on restaurant desert,” “Love making people taste my sweaty balls and toes,” and “Spitting on everything in restaurant part 2.” There were other videos.

A special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations contacted the Leawood police saying they had received a tip about a restaurant employee contaminating food by urinating in food or rubbing foot items on his genitals and posting videos online.

The FBI was able to determine that a phone number was associated with Hanson. Due to public health concerns, the FBI pinged the phone’s location, which revealed it was near Town Center Drive and Roe Avenue. A detective later checked the parking lot of the Hereford House and found a vehicle registered to Hanson.

An attorney representing Hanson did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday afternoon.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated with more information.

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