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Fundraiser held for Keontre Thornhill’s family

Fundraiser held for Keontre Thornhill’s family

VIRIGNIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Thursday afternoon, Superheroes Ice Cream held a fundraiser for the Thornhill family Thursday, the event coming almost two weeks after 10-year-old Keontre Thornhill was hit by a stray bullet and killed in his home.

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The Virginia Red Power Ranger, who didn’t want to reveal his real name, jumped into action as soon as he saw the horrible news.

“I saw this happened and I was like I’m not just going to … sit by,” he said. “It’s just not in me.”

He reached out to the family and Superheroes Ice Cream to set up the fundraiser.

It’s a process that he has, unfortunately, done before, after a tragedy happened to a child.

“Keontre unfortunately isn’t the first one,” he said. “Landyn Davis — we did an event out here for his family. I still keep with that family.”

Superheroes Ice Cream owner Coleman Ferguson told 10 On Your Side that’s a sobering fact that’s still fresh in his mind.

“This place is designed for kids to have fun and enjoy,” Ferguson said, “and this being another tragedy that involves a minor, it really got deep into our hearts, and we really wanted to help out as best we could.”

He explained why the fundraiser was so important.

“This is the worst thing that can possibly happen to any family,” Ferguson said. “Just being a father of my own — whatever we can do to help out in any way shape or form.”

One dollar for every ice cream scoop sold will be donated to the family.

In addition, the business will triple that and donate those funds as well.

The Red Power Ranger took photos with kids and handed out autographs, with all proceeds going to the Thornhill family.

He said ahead of the event, he spoke with Keontre’s mom, dad, grandparents and siblings. He said all he wanted to do was to bring people together and make a difference.

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“Spent about an hour just talking with them,” he said. “And they just seemed very grateful that a community that’s separate from theirs, completely separate city is doing something to help them out.”

He added that all he wanted was to bring people together and make a difference.

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