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Germany stays opposed to NATO protective guard for Ukraine

dpa international

The German federal government stays opposed to the concept of establishing a protective guard from NATO area to secure versus Russian airstrikes in western Ukraine, a leading spokesperson stated on Monday.

“From our viewpoint, that would be a participation, a direct participation in this dispute. Which is something we are not going for,” federal government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit stated in Berlin on Monday.

He likewise described declarations made by German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

There have actually been calls from some just recently for NATO powers to reinforce Ukrainian air defences by developing some sort of protective guard over Ukraine.

Hebestreit did not wish to comment particularly on a concern regarding whether and in what kind Ukraine had actually offered guarantees that it would not perform attacks on targets in Russia with the weapons systems provided from Germany.

These policies went through privacy and had actually shown their worth, Hebestreit stated. He likewise kept in mind that worldwide law states that a state under attack can likewise safeguard itself outside its own borders.

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