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Hezbollah warns that Israel will pay ‘in blood’ for killing Lebanese civilians

Hezbollah warns that Israel will pay 'in blood' for killing Lebanese civilians

The Iran-backed Hezbollah on Friday warns that Israel will pay in blood for the deaths of 10 Lebanese civilians in recent Israeli strikes, while Israel declared it would push Hezbollah away from the border if diplomacy failed.

During a televised address, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that Israel would pay a heavy price, hinting at a potential escalation of the conflict ongoing along the Lebanese-Israeli border since the Gaza conflict erupted last October.

Nasrallah accused Israel of deliberately targeting civilians, condemning the deaths, which included five children. He emphasized that the response should involve continued resistance efforts and an escalation thereof.

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Hezbollah’s determination has heightened following the killings, Nasrallah asserted, promising increased presence, strength, and operations. Israel should anticipate and brace for these actions.

Israeli airstrike hits Lebanon amid escalating tensions

The Israeli military conducted a “precise airstrike” on Lebanon, targeting Hezbollah commanders and operatives, although it has not addressed civilian casualties. Israel has consistently stated it does not target civilians.

In a potential preparation for escalation, the Israeli military announced its ground forces were training under winter conditions simulating the northern borders, which encompass Lebanon and Syria.

Hezbollah has engaged in exchanges of fire with the Israeli military for over four months, supporting its Palestinian ally Hamas. The violence has claimed over 200 lives in Lebanon, including many Hezbollah fighters, as well as Israeli troops and civilians, displacing tens of thousands on both sides.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, emphasized Hezbollah as an Iranian proxy and vowed Israel’s response if diplomacy failed, aiming to return displaced Israelis to their homes.

France presented a written proposal to Beirut and Israel to quell hostilities and resolve the Lebanon-Israel border dispute, though immediate progress appears uncertain.

Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, while advocating for calm, denounced attacks on civilians as atrocities against humanity, highlighting recent tragedies targeting innocent individuals.

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