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How to Find Vintage Le Creuset (& Why You Must)

How to Spot Vintage Le Creuset (& Why You Should)

If the level of your understanding of French food is how to obnoxiously pronounce omelette du fromage thanks to that a person Dexter’s Lab episode, do not stress. You don’t require to be able to prepare like Julia Kid to treat yourself to a classic Le Creuset piece. Why invest hundreds on the brand-new things when you can prepare like the greats with some renowned vintage Le Creuset pots and pans?

Le Creuset is the aesthete’s preferred pots and pans line with its durable building and stunning range of colors. The French business has actually been offering its well-known cast-iron enamel pots and pans considering that 1924. And it’s larger today than it’s ever been.

However what about the traditional Le Creuset pieces — the ones that moved through the fractures when Pyrex and Tupperware controlled your grandparents’ kitchen area cabinets? Thanks to Le Creuset’s newly found popular culture appeal, they’ve experienced rather an advantage. Ensure you pay leading dollar for the ideal pieces by understanding what qualities to try to find.

Try To Find Loop Manages

Before the round knob manages Le Creuset has today, the business’s covers had loop manages. These are manages that you can pinch in between your thumb and forefingers or hook a finger through to get and move. Into the later-20th century, you begin seeing the knob tops.

Spy the Wooden Manages

In real mid-century style, vintage Le Creuset from the 1950s-1970s typically included wood manages. Saucepans, fondue pots, frying pans, and more had warm wood manages befitting of the “we might constantly utilize more wood” mid-century design.

Look For Ridged Bottoms

If you take a look at the bottoms of classic Le Creuset pots and pans, you might discover ridges. These ridges were traditional for years. They’re not too typical today, so when you discover a ridged piece with these other functions, opportunities are you’ve got a genuine vintage.

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You can verify classic Le Creuset pieces in generally the exact same method you do today. You’ll wish to look and see if these 3 highlights exist:

Le Creuset France Round Gratin Casserole

Le Creuset France Round Gratin Casserole

The Le Creuset Call Is on the Bottom

It’s basic for the business to inscribe their name on the bottom of their pieces. You need to discover the whole name defined in single-level typeface without serifs.

The Native Land Is on the Bottom

Le Creuset is made in France, therefore all authentic Le Creuset pieces need to include either “France” or “Made in France” etched in the exact same typeface and design (though smaller sized) as the business name. It ought to likewise be on the bottom of the majority of pieces.

There’s a Two-Digit Number Present

Another personalized aspect you can discover on genuine Le Creuset pots and pans is two-digit numbers. These numbers describe the product’s size. For instance, if you discover a 16 etched in the bottom and in the cover, the pot has a 16cm size.

Often, you can discover these numbers enclosed in a diamond shape, however if you don’t discover a diamond, it doesn’t instantly imply it’s not a genuine Le Creuset.

Given That Le Creuset is a French business, their number measurements constantly describe the metric system. So, determine the sizes utilizing centimeters, not inches.

Among Le Creuset’s genius marketing methods is its restricted color scheme. They often launch restricted edition specialized collections and retire colors or patterns to the archive. When searching for classic Le Creuset pieces, you’ll discover a number of them in retired colors such as these.

  • Dijon yellow

  • Elysees yellow

  • Emerald green

  • Fennel green

  • Fig

  • Indigo

  • Persimmon

  • Provence

  • Soleil yellow

  • Deep teal

  • Ganache

  • Kiwi

  • Lime green

One vintage color you can still discover today is “flame,” a sunset-hued orange-red. It was the business’s very first color and stays a staple in their existing brochure.

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Casual Le Creuset fans are more knowledgeable about pieces by their functions than the developed series on the whole. Nevertheless, there are 2 classic series that are especially worth understanding.

Raymond Loewy’s “Coquelles”

 Cast Iron Le Creuset 4.5 Cooking Pan, Pot and Lid by Raymond Loewy, Retro Kitchen Cast Iron Le Creuset 4.5 Cooking Pan, Pot and Lid by Raymond Loewy, Retro Kitchen

Cast Iron Le Creuset 4.5 Cooking Pan, Pot and Cover by Raymond Loewy, Retro Cooking Area

Raymond Loewy was a popular mid-century designer credited with numerous honors, among which was a series of meals for Le Creuset consisting of the well-known Coquelle. In the beginning look, they don’t look or seem like they originate from Le Creuset. They’re extremely atomic age in their design (geometric lines that have fun with percentage and split color design) and are a hot product on the resell market.

Enzo Mari’s “Mother”

Cocotte Le Creuset 20 vintage Enzo Mari Cocotte Le Creuset 20 vintage Enzo Mari

Cocotte Le Creuset 20 classic Enzo Mari

In the 1970s, Italian designer Enzo Mari upgraded the cocotte. Its most recognizable function? The brand-new manages. These manages are flat on the top, and slope towards a curved edge that’s ideal for grasping with your fingers. This “Mother” series is likewise among the most important vintage series you can discover on the auction block.

Le Creuset’s Heritage collection launches contemporary pieces in archival styles. Though they’ll look vintage, they include contemporary product packaging and crisp, tidy enamel.

Le Creuset isn’t inexpensive pots and pans on a great day. Naturally, classic Le Creuset wouldn’t be inexpensive either. Classic pieces’ worths are greatly based on their condition, size, series, and color. At the lower end, vintage Le Creuset pieces can cost $40-$50, while sets on the greater end can opt for $1,000+.

Vintage Le Creuset

Current Prices

1930s Marbeled Grey Cocotte


1960s Chocolate Brown 5-Piece Collection


2-Piece Set Owned by Joan Didion


For instance, a 5-piece chocolate brown collection from the 1960s cost $800, while an unusual 1930s marbled grey cocotte cost $135.98. You’d believe the older piece would cost more since of its age. However the bigger set and more appealing color are much better selling points.

Another thing to think about is who owned the classic Le Creuset pieces. If pieces have strong provenance and as soon as came from a celebrity, they can opt for rather a lot. For example, a two-piece set from Joan Didion’s collection cost $2,500 regardless of having considerable wear and tear.

Vintage Le Creuset pots and pans is trendy, practical, and will assist you up your cooking video game. Accept the ratatouille of all of it, and hound the pieces that speak with your skills. Love a dip? Buy a great vintage fondue pot. In either case, the meals you make will have your visitors stating La Petite Chaise, who?

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