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Imran Khan impersonator’s video passed off as imprisoned ex-leader ‘checking crops’

Imran Khan impersonator's video passed off as jailed ex-leader 'inspecting crops'

A video of a star impersonating Imran Khan has actually been misrepresented online as a real clip of Pakistan’s previous leader — in prison because Might 2023 — checking out farmers in a wheat field throughout his period. Critics of the judgment union federal government shared the video with the incorrect claim after modifications to wheat procurement policies triggered demonstrations in the main province of Punjab.

There was time when the nation’s Prime Minister would go himself to check the farmers’ crops and the farmers would get the fruits of their labour,” checked out an Urdu-language post on Facebook on Might 4, 2024.

The 24-second clip — saw more than 5,000 times — reveals a male looking like Khan strolling through wheat fields.

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A screenshot of the incorrect Facebook post.

The video was likewise shared along with a comparable incorrect claim on Facebook and social networks website X.

The posts appeared following demonstrations by farmers in Punjab —  the South Asian nation’s most populated province — after the federal government minimized the amounts of wheat it acquired in your area.

They were shared by advocates of Khan’s political celebration Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf who appeared to represent him as a supporter of farmer’s interests.

“There was likewise a time when the Prime Minister himself utilized to go to the farmers and go to the wheat,” composed one social networks in reaction to one post.

“Mashallah my God keep him under his defense,” stated another.

Khan’s celebration has actually been targeted with a sweeping crackdown because across the country demonstrations emerged over his arrest on Might 9, 2023 which saw extraordinary anger directed at the armed force.

Khan and his spouse Bushra Bibi were both founded guilty of corruption and breaking Islamic marital relationship laws in the lead-up to February’s basic election, which saw military-backed celebrations pertain to power.

Khan — who was likewise imprisoned for dripping state tricks — has stated the cases were developed to keep him from objecting to.

Khan impersonator

A reverse image search on Google utilizing a keyframe from the video, followed by keyword searches, discovered the very same clip published on TikTok on Might 2 (archived link).

It was shared by “@naeemullah74ik” — an account owned by expert Imran Khan impersonator Naeemullah (archived link).

Naeemullah has actually been impersonating Khan because 2012 and regularly posts comparable videos mimicing Khan on his TikTok profile (archived link).

On April 28 he published a comparable video of himself impersonated Khan — this time strolling in a rock-covered grassy location as displayed in the screenshot listed below:

<span>A screenshot of a video shared by Naeemullah on his TikTok profile on April 28. </span><span></div></div></div><div class=
A screenshot of a video shared by Naeemullah on his TikTok profile on April 28.

Naeemullah informed AFP that the distributing video was shot in Adina town in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

“I value that individuals thought that the video was in fact of Imran Khan,” he informed AFP.

He likewise shared a screenshot with AFP of analytics of the video from his TikTok profile as displayed in the screenshot listed below:

<span>A screenshot of the video's analytics that Naeemullah shared with AFP.</span><span><button class=

A screenshot of the video’s analytics that Naeemullah shown AFP.

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