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Indian election rally video incorrectly connected to demonstrations in Pakistan’s Kashmir

A screenshot of the false X post, taken on May 20, 2024

As lethal demonstrations rocked Pakistan-administered Kashmir, video footage of crowds loaded onto a street flowed in social networks posts incorrectly connecting it to the discontent. The video in truth reveals an election rally in India led by opposition political leader Priyanka Gandhi.

“Muzaffarabad Transformation,” checks out an Urdu-language post on X, previously Twitter, describing the capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

The post, which acquired more than 120,000 views, reveals a video of crowds and a convoy of lorries parading down a street.

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A screenshot of the incorrect X post, handled Might 20, 2024

The video flowed in comparable posts on Facebook and X here, here and here.

4 individuals were eliminated in demonstrations versus increasing living expenses in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, which ended on Might 14 after organisers accepted a federal government deal of financial assistance.

The Himalayan area is divided in between India and Pakistan, who both declare it completely.

Pakistan has actually just recently suffered through a significant monetary crisis which saw imports obstructed, inflation skyrocket and the rupee plunge versus the dollar.

Nevertheless, inflation has actually gradually lowered and the currency rate has actually stabilised, with the aid of an International Monetary Fund contract.

India election rally

A reverse image search and keyword searches on Google and YouTube discovered the video footage in a YouTube video that stated it was shot in India, not Pakistan (archived link).

According to the Indian media platform News Express, the video footage reveals a rally for India’s opposition Congress celebration ahead of nationwide elections in April.

The occasion in Saharanpur in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state was led by Priyanka Gandhi, a Congress leader, the News Express stated.

“Big crowd at Priyanka Gandhi’s roadway program in Saharanpur,” checks out Hindi text at the top of the video.

<span>Screenshot from News Express's video of the rally, taken on May 21, 2024</span><span></div></div></div><div class=
Screenshot from News Express’s video of the rally, handled May 21, 2024

The Congress celebration’s Kerala chapter likewise published the video footage on X on April 17, 2024 with the caption: “Smt (Ms) @priyankagandhi’s roadshow in Saharanpur, UP” (archived link).

Gandhi can be seen using a pink sari and resting on the roofing system of a white cars and truck in video footage of the rally released by Indian news channel NDTV (archived link).

Below is a screenshot contrast of the video shared in incorrect posts (left) and NDTV’s video (right), with Gandhi highlighted by AFP:

<span>Screenshot comparison of the video shared in false posts (left) and NDTV's video (right), with Gandhi highlighted by AFP</span><span><button class=

Screenshot contrast of the video shared in incorrect posts (left) and NDTV’s video (right), with Gandhi highlighted by AFP

AFP formerly unmasked incorrect posts connected to demonstrations in Pakistan-administered Kashmir here.

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