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Iran still expecting delivery of Su-35 jets purchased from Russia

Iran still expecting delivery of Su-35 jets purchased from Russia

Nearly a year after, Iran is still expecting delivery of Su-35 jets it purchased from Russia. Iran purchased 50 Su-35 fighter jets from Russia, the aircraft are still undelivered, journalist Saeed Azimi wrote in a July 13 report for the Bourse and Bazaar Foundation analytical center.

In Azimi’s piece, he mentioned that Iranian Brig. Gen. Hamid Vahedi confirmed the completion of all payments for Russia’s Su-35 fighters. Expected in Tehran this year, yet the government is now uncertain if they will ever arrive.

Azimi reported that Iran expected the aircraft to be delivered three weeks ago. However, Vahedi asserted that delivery is not anticipated. Furthermore, he revealed that Iran’s top officials have acknowledged this decision while continuing to await the required aircraft, unsure of when they will be integrated into their fleet.

According to the report, Iran’s air force is mainly comprised of outdated U.S. planes well past their operational lifespan. Hence, Tehran was compelled to purchase 50 Su-35 fighters from its ally, Russia.

Russia managed not only to secure the prepayment for the aircraft but also to negotiate a deal for Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drones. Tehran began supplying the UAVs in late 2022. Nearly a year has passed since these arrangements were made, and yet, Tehran has not received any Su-35 jets.

Azimi’s article emphasizes that Russia, facing challenges arising from its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sought Iran’s assistance. In return, Tehran responded to the Kremlin’s request, providing support. However, as Azimi concludes, Iran was merely taken advantage of, receiving nothing in return.

The Wall Street Journal reported in late April that, Iran has supplied Russia with over 300,000 artillery shells.  Iran also sent approximately one million rounds of ammunition via cargo ships all within six months.

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