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Israel tech sector represent 20% of economy, Development Authority states

Israel tech sector accounts for 20% of economy, Innovation Authority says

By Steven Scheer

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s modern sector now represents 20% of the nation’s financial output, the Israel Development Authority (IIA) stated on Tuesday as it prompted the federal government to invest more to enable tech to grow quicker.

In its 2024 State of the High Tech Sector in Israel report, the state-funded authority stated that regardless of the eight-month-old war versus Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in Gaza, the tech sector continues to grow – albeit slower than in 2021 and 2022 – and stays Israel’s primary development chauffeur. It represents 53% of overall exports.

Some 600 brand-new start-ups were developed in 2015 while tech companies raised $8 billion in 2023, down 55% from 2022. In all, Israel has some 9,200 tech companies with a labor force of 400,000.

Dror Bin, the IAA’s president, stated that while his budget plan has actually grown to assist fund efforts amounting to $250 million to assist start-ups having difficulty raising cash due to the war and a hard international financing environment, the state requires to “double down” on tech financial investments.

“Israel does not have a great deal of natural deposits – we are not an oil and gas superpower,” Bin informed Reuters. “We are a nation on the brink of a desert so we do not have a great deal of water. The only natural deposit we have is the grey cells in the brains of individuals here and we require to ensure this continues to flourish and grow.”

Development, Science and Innovation Minister Gamliel concurred that development is Israel’s essential resource which the federal government “need to continue to support business and establish the essential facilities.”

Bin prepares for a comparable year in 2024 as in 2015 due to the stress and anxiety over financing rounds however immigrants are still active financiers considering that they understand how to examine the dangers of purchasing Israel and wish to invest while evaluations stay appealing. He stated he wishes to see more Israelis invest.

Cyber and fintech stay the most popular sectors for financiers, however environment tech represented one in 6 brand-new start-ups as business owners look for to resolve difficulties dealing with a world “that is getting warmer, and how to supply food, water, health care services in an aging population,” he stated.

Around 8% of tech employees were called into army reserve task, while others were likewise pulled from their convenience zones to volunteer, he kept in mind.

As an outcome, they fulfilled brand-new individuals and saw a host of civilian and defence requirements.

“Following the war,” Bin stated, “we will see a child boom of start-ups in Israel since of all these insane things that took place here considering that Oct. 7.”

(Reporting by Steven Scheer; Modifying by Hugh Lawson)

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