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Lexington police launch website seeking help with new and old cold cases

Lexington Herald-Leader
The Lexington Police Department is hoping a newly launched website will help solve homicide cases that date back to the 1970s.

The Unsolved Homicide Website features 142 unsolved homicide cases from 1974 to 2023 and aims to bring awareness to cases and assist detectives in soliciting tips and information that could help solve them.

Each case on the website has the victim’s name, homicide date, case number, and a case overview, as well as a photograph of the victim, if available. Cases are categorized by the decades in which the people were killed.

“We want to bring justice to the victims and their families,” said Detective Travis Holt with the Personal Crimes Section in a news release. “Sometimes, all it takes is a single piece of information to help solve a case. We hope that the website will help us bring attention to these investigations and give closure to the victims’ families by solving these cases.”

The oldest case listed in the database is Elvin Wilkerson, who was found unresponsive at a Texaco gas station where he worked in November 1974. Police believe Wilkerson was a victim of a robbery and assault. The most recent case involves Esaud Cortes, who was killed on Oct. 15, 2023 on Race Street.

To solve cases like homicides, detectives look into every single piece of evidence, including forensics, witness statements, and tips. Sometimes, a single piece of information can further an investigation.

The website allows people to anonymously submit a tip to detectives. They can also opt to be contacted by a detective.

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