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Man Accused of Selling Retired Texas Woman’s Home of 50 Years Without Her Knowledge Finally Charged

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The Houston Police Department has filed charges against a man linked to a retired woman who unknowingly signed away her home to him a few years ago.

Malcolm Pryor, a contractor hired by Wanda Jackson during the COVID-19 pandemic, was charged last Wednesday, March 13, with a second-degree felony of filing a false statement to obtain credit involving $150,000 to $300,000, local station KTRK reported on Monday.

During their investigation, police say they learned that he was falsifying bank documents that appeared to show over $75,000 in his account, according to the report. However, he only had under $300.

Texas Woman Unknowingly Signs Away Longtime Home
Wanda Jackson says she doesn’t recall signing over the home she’s lived in for nearly 50 years. (ABC13/Youtube screenshot)

Things turned sour for Jackson last September when she was booted from her Houston residence, which she had lived in since the 1970s. This came after Jackson paid Pryor to do some repairs in her home based on a friend’s recommendation.

In 2021, Jackson fell ill and had to undergo therapy — a time she reportedly says she barely remembers. Pryor claimed she failed to pay him for his work, so he filed a mechanic lien. Unbeknownst to Jackson, she signed away her deed to him a year later.

She was unaware that she was no longer the owner of 5119 Stuyvesant Lane, which had been passed through different owners for months. Documents obtained by KTRK show that Pryor initially sold her home for $50,000. He took out a loan from Noble Mortgage and repurchased it for $262,5000.

According to KTRK, he got approval by allegedly using fraudulent financial records. He never paid the mortgage lender, so Jackson’s home foreclosed, costing the company thousands. Jackson’s property was sold, and she was forced to move.

Now, living in an apartment and struggling to cover her monthly rent payments, she wants answers on how to reconcile her situation. She created a fundraiser to help her retain a lawyer and pay her mounting bills.

“All my things were just thrown out on the streets,” Jackson wrote. “My need is to raise $20,000 for legal bills & to pay or cover the bills that have occurred since I’ve been kicked out of my house.”

‘All My Things Were Just Thrown Out on the Streets’: Man Accused of Selling Retired Texas Woman’s Home of 50 Years Without Her Knowledge Finally Charged

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