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Mansoor and Mason Madden Fundraising Event Lead To 6 Months Of Food For SGW Uganda

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Mansoor has actually published the information of the fundraising event MxM placed on for Soft Ground Fumbling Uganda, and it seems like a huge success.

The previous WWE star assisted raise of $28,000 for the promo, which have actually gone viral just recently. They battle in a ring made from mud in a field in Uganda, and have actually wowed fans with their outrageous tricks and unchecked enthusiasm for the sport.

Mansoor and Mason Madden even appeared in Uganda for the promo. They flew over by themselves cent last month, ending up being the very first significant American stars to stand for the grassroots promo.

This is where they chose to begin their fundraising event, to which Mansoor has actually supplied the information of. They offered tee shirts in order to raise funds to assist feed them in order to assist continue their fumbling dream. He and Madden likewise did a Twitch livestream that produced the funds required to acquire the food. Huge stars like AEW’s Will Ospreay have actually likewise revealed wishing to appear in the business in the future.

The previous WWE Super star required to Twitter to thank those who contributed to the cause. He verified that SGW had actually gotten a delivery of food that need to feed them for 6 months. This delivery consisted of sugar, beans, maize flour, sunflower oil and milk.

“Thanks to everybody who kindly contributed towards the fundraising event, @SGWug has actually simply gotten a delivery of food that will keep them fed for almost 6 months!”

SGW published a video after getting the delivery, thanking everybody for their contributions. They broke out into chants of “SGW!” before assisting dump the food from the truck it was generated.

The main SGW Twitter account published the video, and the following caption:

“@SGWug team members thank all the fundraising events for the contribution of food that will take them as much as 6 months. @suavemansoor and @GREATBLACKOTAKU for their efforts. All the team we delighted upon invoice of the food in big amounts.”

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