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Melania Trump receives $155,000 payment from super PAC tied to Donald Trump

Melania Trump receives $155,000 payment from super PAC tied to Donald Trump

Reports from recent financial filings have shown that Melania Trump received $155,000 payment from super PAC which is associated with Donald Trump.

According to The New York Times, the group named ‘Make America Great Again’ which has since ceased operations made this unusual payment to Melania Trump in December 2021. The payment was not initially disclosed in the group’s federal reports, which instead listed two transactions in the previous year. The amounts totaling $125,000 and $30,000 were associated with a client known as the Designer’s Management Agency.

The aforementioned agency lists Melania Trump as a client.

These payments came to light after Trump filed new financial disclosure forms, which specified the $155,000 as the fee for a “speaking engagement.” The timing of the payment coincides with a private fundraiser that took place at the Trumps’ Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.  Seats were seats sold for $125,000 each at the fundraiser.

The Times highlights that It’s rare for presidential candidate’s spouses to receive payment from their campaign or an affiliated group. However, federal regulations for political groups offer some leeway in terms of reporting the destination of funds. Political action committees (PACs) are only obligated to disclose the primary vendor involved in such transactions.

‘Make America Great Again’ was Trump’s main super PAC but ceased operations by the end of 2022. It transferred all its remaining $8.9 million in funds to another pro-Trump political group.

A treasurer for the now-closed super PAC stated that it had fulfilled all relevant reporting requirements, according to the publication.

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