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Migrants charged in attack on NYPD cops in Times Square offered plea deals

Migrants charged in attack on NYPD cops in Times Square offered plea deals

Five of the migrants charged with viciously attacking two NYPD officers in Times Square in January were offered plea deals Tuesday as a Manhattan judge revealed one of the accused cop beaters was arrested again while out on bail.

Yohenry Brito, 24 — the only defendant in the case to be remanded after his initial arrest — was nabbed for petit larceny after an activist Brooklyn priest posted his $15,000 cash bail in February, Judge Laura Wood said in Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday.

“I am furious that Mr. Brito was rearrested and charged with petty larceny while he was out on this case,” Wood fumed as she warned another slip-up would land him behind bars.

“I am very tempted right now to put you in jail. I am telling you right now, if I learn you are rearrested for anything at all between now and this case being finished, I will order a warrant and I will place bail so high you will not get out,” she continued.

“If you jaywalk, if you jump a turnstile, if you do anything at all and I have to issue a warrant, you will not see the light of day until this case is over,” Wood declared.

Yohenry Brito, 24, was rearrested after he made bail, a judge confirmed Tuesday. Steven Hirsch
Shocking video captured the moment a migrant mob pounded a pair of cops near Times Square. DCPI

She asked if Brito understood, to which he replied “yes” after the comments were translated to him through an interpreter.

News of Brito’s re-arrest came as he, Ulises Bohorquez, 21, and Andres Gomez-Izquiel,19, were offered plea deals by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Under the proposed deal, the trio would serve a year in jail in exchange for pleading guilty to second-degree assault.

Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel was among the five defendants offered a plea deal this week. Steven Hirsch for NY Post
Edgarlis Vegas has not been offered a plea deal from the DA’s office. Steven Hirsch

Two other migrants charged in the cop attack, Kelvin Servita Arocha, 19, and Wilson Juarez, 21, have been offered a separate deal to serve six months in prison for pleading guilty to obstructing a government administration. 

The DA’s office has not yet made an offer to Edgarlis Vegas and Yorman Reveron.

The defendants’ attorneys have not yet accepted the plea deals.

Wood ordered they return to court on June 18 where a trial date will be set if no agreement is reached. 

The seven migrants were indicted following the shocking caught-on-camera beatdown of the two officers when they tried to break up a rowdy crowd at the Crossroads of the World on Jan. 27.

Video showed the mob kicking the cops in the head and body before running away.

Juarez and Servita-Arocha are alleged members of the notorious Venezuelan street gang “Tren de Aragua,” federal immigration officials told The Post. 

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