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Old video wrongly shared as ‘poll-rigging by advocates of Indian Muslim prospect’

Screenshot of the false post, taken on May 17, 2024
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Screenshot of the incorrect post, handled Might 17, 2024

Almost a billion Indians are voting to choose a brand-new federal government in six-week-long parliamentary surveys that started on April 19, the biggest democratic workout worldwide.

AFP discovered no report about election rigging from Owaisi’s advocates in Telangana, where ballot for all 17 constituencies concluded on Might 13 (archived link).

Nevertheless, the video spread in comparable posts on Facebook and on social networks platform X.

West Bengal video

A reverse image and keyword search on Google discovered the video published on YouTube in February 2022 — 2 years before India’s parliamentary elections started (archived link).

According to the YouTube video’s description, the event occurred in the Indian state of West Bengal, not Telangana.

“WB (West Bengal) Community Election 2022,” checks out the Bengali-language title of the video published by news channel TV9 Bangla.

“In cubicle No. 108 of Ward No. 33 of South Dumdum, the citizen did not vote, the representative voted.”

<span>Screenshot from TV9 Bangla's YouTube video, taken on May 21, 2024</span><span><button class=

Screenshot from TV9 Bangla’s YouTube video, handled Might 21, 2024

The caption of the video and text overlay states: “Rather of citizens, a ballot representative is casting votes in an EVM (electronic ballot maker) centre.”

TV9 Bangla reported that a ballot representative enacted location of a person at the ballot station at a school in Lake View School in the Indian city of South Dumdum (archived link).

It stated the event occurred completely view of an election authorities.

Political celebrations in West Bengal revealed outrage at the evident citizen scams in X posts (archived here and here).

On The Other Hand, Hyderabad City Authorities published on its main account on X that the video did disappoint rigging throughout the 2024 elections (archived link).

The primary electoral officer of Telangana likewise refuted the claim in a news release (archived link).

“It is thus explained that this is an OLD VIDEO, NOT connected to the Parliamentary election in Telangana or to any other election in Telangana,” it stated.

“The survey procedure in the state was carried out in a totally free and reasonable way.”

AFP has actually exposed other false information associated to the election in India here.

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