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Post misleadingly utilizes training video as proof of hajj routine in Nigeria

Post misleadingly uses training video as evidence of hajj ritual in Nigeria
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Screenshot of the deceptive X post, handled June 4, 2024

In the video,  individuals using white garments stroll counter-clockwise around a structure that appears like the Kaaba, a big black cubic structure towards which Muslims around the globe pray. Their motion looks like the Tawaf routine (circumambulation) throughout hajj.

The claim recommends that the West African nation has actually developed an alternative Kaaba for its Muslim pilgrims, contrary to Islamic custom-made.

Remarks listed below the post are combined: while some appeared to think the video revealed the real Tawaf, others criticised the activity and described it Bidia’ (spelled “Biddah” in the post), which referes to the intro of brand-new things to Islam  —  something that is seriously discredited.

The post has actually been shared more than 450 times and was released by a Saudi-based account called “Life in Saudi Arabia” with  47,000 fans.

2024 Hajj

Hajj is among the 5 pillars of Islam which is necessary for each Muslim a minimum of when in their life time if they are physically and economically able.

This year’s is anticipated to start on June 14 and end on June 18. These dates are based upon the Islamic lunar calendar and might differ a little depending upon the sighting of the moon (archived here).

Hajj and its routines are unique spiritual activities to be carried out in designated Saudi Arabian holy websites.

Central to hajj is the Kaaba, a big cuboid-shaped structure made from granite stones situated at the centre of the Mosque al-Haram mosque in Capital. It is the most spiritual website in Islam and the prayer instructions for Muslims worldwide.

<span>Muslim worshippers praying around the Kaaba. PHOTO: ABDEL GHANI BASHIR / AFP</span><div><span>ABDEL GHANI BASHIR</span><span>AFP</span></div><span><button class=
Muslim worshippers hoping around the Kaaba. IMAGE: ABDEL GHANI BASHIR / AFP


Nevertheless, the claim recommending pilgrims were carrying out hajj in Nigeria is misguiding.

Pre-departure presentation

Utilizing the InVID-WeVerify tool, we drew out keyframes from the video and performed reverse image searches.

This caused the initial clip on the Facebook page of the Pilgrim Well-being Board of Nigeria’s north-western Kano state (archived here).

Identified “2024 hajj presentation”, the clip reveals state federal government authorities and crowds enjoying potential pilgrims being taken through their preparations in an open field.

It was live-streamed on Might 20, 2024.

In the foreground of the video is a reproduction of the Kaaba structure.

<span>Screenshot showing the people wearing white garments walking counter-clockwise around a Kaaba-like structure, taken on June 5, 2024</span><span><button class=

Screenshot revealing individuals using white garments strolling counter-clockwise around a Kaaba-like structure, handled June 5, 2024

The reproduction Kaaba has actually belonged to pre-departure orientation and training workouts performed in northern Nigeria states for years — a practice called Hajj Manasik in Indonesia (archived here).

A 2017 tweet by the Kano Hajj Commission likewise reveals the very same structure with the caption.

AFP Truth Inspect has actually called Kano hajj commission director Lamin Rabi’u for remark and will upgrade this story appropriately.

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