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Post utilizes image from Ethiopia’s Tigray war to claim rebels just recently gave up in Amhara

Post uses photo from Ethiopia’s Tigray war to claim rebels recently surrendered in Amhara
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Screenshot of the deceptive post, handled Might 29, 2024

Very First created (archived here) by the Ethiopian prime minister’s social affairs consultant, Daniel Kibret, the term “Jawisa” — suggesting outlaw in Amharic — is regularly utilized by federal government advocates on social networks to describe the Fano rebel group in Amhara area. Fano has actually been combating versus the Ethiopian army given that July 2023.

The post even more declares supposed departments inside the rebel group have actually required the militants to give up to the army. “The Jawisa groups running around Shewa are divided and the militant groups led by Meketaw and Asegid have actually been combating and eliminating each other,” the post checks out.

Shewa is a zone in the Amhara area, while Asegid and Meketaw are Fano leaders from the location.

The post states 15 members of the Asegid group were amongst those who gave up.

The exact same claim was likewise shared on Facebook here and here.

Continued armed dispute 

A current report by the Ethiopian Human Being Rights Commission (archived here) linked federal government security forces in many cases of extrajudicial killings and civilian casualties in the continuous disputes in Amhara and Oromia, the 2 most populated areas of the nation.

In mid-May, the African Union and the United States ambassador to Ethiopia prompted (archived here) the instant cessation of hostilities and continued discussion to accomplish this.

The Ethiopian army on numerous events declared that it had actually caught (archived here) rebels together with their guns in the Amhara area.

Nevertheless, the image does disappoint rebels in the Amhara area who have actually given up to the army.

Tigray war 

AFP Truth Examine carried out reverse image searches and discovered that the image reveals fighters in the Tigray area who gave up to the army in September 2022.

The two-year bloody war in between the federal government and rebel forces in the Tigray area declared almost a million lives before hostilities ended with a peace contract in Pretoria in November 2022.

The image was initially released  (archived here) by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), a government-affiliated broadcaster, on September 5, 2022, together with a report that discussed that Tigray fighters had actually been caught by the army in numerous fights in the Tigray area.

<span>Screenshot of the original photo by FBC, taken on May 29, 2024</span><span><button class=

Screenshot of the initial image by FBC, handled Might 29, 2024

In early September 2022, about 2 months before the peace contract, the Ethiopian army and the Eritrean army – the Ethiopian federal government’s primary ally at the time – introduced a huge military offensive versus TPLF forces (archived here).

AFP Truth Examine has actually formerly exposed comparable claims here and here.

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