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Posts that Chinese leader Xi Jinping revealed ‘faithful guys’s day’ share transformed report

Posts that Chinese leader Xi Jinping announced 'loyal men's day' share altered news report

A doctored report has actually flowed in Indonesian social networks posts that incorrectly declared Chinese President Xi Jinping stated April 11 “world faithful guys’s day” to honour a popular player who took his own life over a supposed stopped working relationship. An agent for CNBC Indonesia informed AFP it released no such report. There were no main statements from the Chinese federal government about any “world faithful guys’s day” since Might 21, 2024.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping designated the day Fat Feline passed away as world faithful guys’s day,” checked out the Indonesian-language heading of the doctored report shared on TikTok on Might 8, 2024.

The image, shared more than 1,000 times, appears to reveal a screenshot of a CNBC Indonesia post released on Might 7, 2024.

It included the byline “Tommy Patrio Sorongan”.

<span><button class=

Screenshot of the incorrect post taken Might 16, 2024

“Fat Feline” was the online name of Liu Jie, a 21-year-old Chinese player based in the southwestern city of Chongqing who took his own life on April 11, 2024 (archived link).

Not long after, social networks posts by a female declaring to be the player’s sis declared he passed away of a damaged heart and implicated his sweetheart of scamming him.

The posts stimulated extensive pity online, with associated hashtags on Weibo acquiring billions of views.

Nevertheless, Chongqing authorities stated on Might 20 their examination discovered no proof Liu’s sweetheart had actually scammed him (archived link).

The authorities included Liu’s siblings paid to promote their posts about his partner which activated online bullying versus her.

The screenshot was likewise shared together with comparable incorrect claims throughout Indonesian-language social networks posts, consisting of on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and short-video platform SnackVideo, acquiring more than 470,000 views.

However keyword look for main statements from the Chinese federal government did not discover any reference of the player (archived link).

The screenshot really reveals a controlled CNBC Indonesia report.

Doctored report

A keyword search on CNBC Indonesia’s site utilizing the date, time and byline displayed in the screenshot did not discover any posts about Xi Jinping stating “world faithful guys’s day”.

The information, nevertheless, represent a report about a conference in between the Chinese leader and French President Emmanuel Macron (archived link).

Its heading read: “Xi Jinping and Macron’s conference happened, what’s going on in between China and France?”

Below is a screenshot contrast of the transformed post (left) and the initial CNBC Indonesia report (right), with the matching information marked by AFP:

<span>Screenshot comparison</span><span><button class=

Screenshot contrast

Xi’s image in the flowing screenshot was taken by Reuters news firm in 2016 (archived link).

CNBC Indonesia editorial secretary Dara Ayu Lestari individually informed AFP on May 16 the flowing screenshot was “transformed” from the CNBC Indonesia report about the Xi and Macron conference.

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