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Rafah offensive starts and King ‘a bit busy’ for Harry

Rafah offensive starts and King 'a bit busy' for Harry

FT front page

No one story dominates Wednesday’s front pages. The FT leads on Israel threatening a wider assault on Rafah in southern Gaza. The main photo on the newspaper’s front page is of a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, during a visit to the Pyrenees. [BBC]

The i front pageThe i front page

The i leads with reports that the UK government is warning Israel that is risks committing war crimes if it continues its offensive in Rafah without a “credible” plan in how to protect civilians. [BBC]

The Guardian front pageThe Guardian front page

The Guardian splits its front page between the Rafah offensive and the exclusive Garrick Club voting to lift a 193-year ban on women joining. [BBC]

The Metro front pageThe Metro front page

The Metro reports that Prince Harry will not meet King Charles on a trip to the UK this week, as his father is too busy. [BBC]

The Mail front pageThe Mail front page

The Mail also leads on Prince Harry’s UK trip, saying hopes of as reunion with his father have been “dashed”. [BBC]

The Express front pageThe Express front page

The same story appears on the front of the Express. The paper carries a photo of Prince Harry, with a headline saying his father is “too busy” to see him. Meanwhile, it headlines on senior Tories demanding Rishi Sunak scrap “liberal” immigration rules. [BBC]

The Times front pageThe Times front page

The Times has a story on how TikTok and Instagram will be told to “tame aggressive algorithms” pushing harmful content to children, under new rules. It also has a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin as he starts a fifth term. [BBC]

The Daily TelegraphThe Daily Telegraph

The Telegraph has a story about plans to prevent under-13s using social media, under new Ofcom checks. It also reports on UK airport “chaos” after e-gate systems failed. [BBC]

The Mirror front pageThe Mirror front page

The Mirror reports that pubs in England and Wales will be able to stay open until 1am if England or Scotland reach the semi-finals of this summer’s Euros. [BBC]

The Daily Star front pageThe Daily Star front page

And the Star reports on “butty boffins” saying bacon makes you “stupid”. [BBC]

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