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Rolls-Royce SMRs construction approved by Polish Ministry

Power Technology

Polish industrial group Industria’s plan to construct a power plant based on Rolls-Royce’s SMR has been approved by the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Last December, Industria submitted its application for a decision-in-principle to Polish Climate and Environment Minister Paulina Henning-Kloska. The application detailed plans to construct a nuclear power plant using Rolls-Royce’s 470MW small pressurised water reactor and a used nuclear fuel storage facility.

Stating that the investment would be in public interest and in line with Poland’s energy and climate policies, Henning-Kloska issued the ministry’s decision-in-principle on 10 May. The application was positively assessed by the head of the Internal Security Agency and the minister of state assets.

The decision-in-principle is the first in the process of administrative permits for investments in nuclear power facilities in Poland. Industria can now apply for further permits such as a citing decision or construction license.

Alan Woods, Rolls-Royce SMR’s director of strategy and business development, said: “Today’s decision-in-principle by Poland’s environment minister is extremely positive news and allows us to advance our commercial and technical discussions on the deployment of Rolls-Royce SMR power plants in Poland.”

“Poland is one of a number of key export opportunities for Rolls-Royce SMR as we look to build on our progress in the UK and exploit the important competitive advantage our SMR design has over its competitors.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency initially gave Poland the green light to launch the nation’s nuclear programme in September last year. Construction of its first nuclear power plant will begin in 2026 at Lubiatowo-Kopalino in the province of Pomerania. The project will consist of up to six reactors in two or three locations, with a total generation capacity of 6–9 billion watts.

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