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Russian airstrikes hit Ukraine, sparking fires and power outages

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A large-scale Russian airstrike in the early hours of Sunday has once again caused fires and power outages in Ukraine, according to officials.

The military governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Serhiy Lysak, said falling debris damaged heating and power grids in the industrial city of Kryvyi Rih in the south. Consequently, six hospitals, more than 150 schools and 3,000 homes with 76,000 residents are temporarily without heating, he said.

According to the authorities, an unspecified critical infrastructure facility was also hit in the western Ukrainian region of Lviv. “A fire broke out there. Firefighters are on duty,” wrote regional governor Maksym Kosyzkyi on Telegram.

A few hours later, during a new nationwide air alert, two Russian hypersonic Kinschal missiles hit the same spot, Kosyzkyi said. The firefighters had been warned in good time and fled to safety, he said.

Western Ukraine appeared to be the focus of the attack. However, Russian missiles were also intercepted over the capital Kiev. Only one building façade was reported to have been damaged.

According to the Ukrainian air force, Russia’s overnight attacks were launched from 14 strategic bombers over the Volga region.

In addition, 28 combat drones were launched from the annexed Crimean peninsula. The Ukrainian army intercepted 18 of the cruise missiles and 25 drones. The air defence was deployed in all parts of the country, the air force said.

After relative calm since the beginning of the year, this was the third heavy Russian airstrike within a few days.

Ukraine has been fending off an all-out Russian invasion for more than two years. It is being supported by many Western countries with arms supplies.

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