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Russia’s leading Su-57 stealth fighter jet hit for very first time, Ukraine’s military intelligence states

Russia's top Su-57 stealth fighter jet hit for first time, Ukraine's military intelligence says
  • Ukraine claims to have actually struck a sophisticated Russian Su-57 stealth fighter jet.

  • Ukraine states the airplane was targeted at an airfield 360 miles from the cutting edge.

  • Ukraine has actually heightened attacks deep inside Russia in current weeks.

Ukraine struck a valued Russian Su-57 fighter jet stationed deep inside Russian area for the very first time, Ukraine’s primary intelligence directorate (GUR) reported Sunday early morning.

Ukraine states the airplane was harmed following a strike on the Akhtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan area in southern Russia, 360 miles from the cutting edge.

Satellite images supplied by Ukraine’s military intelligence appears to reveal the airplane standing undamaged on June 7 and harmed on June 8.

Satellite images appear to show a Russian Su-57 damaged by Ukraine

Satellite images appear to reveal a Russian Su-57 harmed by UkraineMain Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine

Ukraine’s military intelligence stated the Su-57 is Moscow’s “most contemporary fighter, which can assault with Kh-59 and Kh-69 rockets.”

A pro-Kremlin Telegram channel, Fighterbomber, frequently utilized as a source to verify Russian military losses in lieu of main verification from Moscow, reported that there was shrapnel damage to a Su-57. “Whether [the bomber] can be brought back or not is presently being identified,” the channel composed.

Unlike Russia’s Su-25 and Su-35 airplane, Moscow’s fifth-generation Su-57 fighters have actually not been extensively utilized because Russia got into Ukraine in February 2022.

“The defeat of the Su-57 is the very first such case in history,” Ukraine’s military intelligence stated.

David Axe, a military reporter, and blog writer, composed in a post for Forbes that if validated, the loss of the Su-57 “would represent just the 2nd stealth warplane any nation has actually lost in battle in the 4 years because the United States Flying force released the really first stealth aircraft—the Lockheed Martin F-117.”

In 1999, a Serbian air defense battery shot down an F-117 as it was flying a NATO objective in the Kosovo war, Axe composed.

Russia is stepping up its attacks deep inside Russian area

In current weeks, Ukraine seems increasing the series of its strikes into Russia’s hinterland.

On Saturday, simply a day before news of the Su-57 was revealed, a video emerged throughout open source intelligence channels appearing to reveal a Ukrainian long-range attack drone diving towards Mozdok air base in Russia’s southern area of North Ossetia, 450 miles from the cutting edge in eastern Ukraine.

It is not understood if the drone triggered any military damage, however in April, satellite images exposed that the base was home to 6 Tu-22M bombers, 4 Su-24M/MR strike airplane, and 20 military helicopters.

Mick Ryan, a retired Australian army basic, composed on Substack previously this year that such attacks deep inside Russian area will “require a Russian reassessment of their air defense resources along with needing to redeploy these possessions even more from where they are most required.”

Axe stated on Sunday: “Russia’s air defenses are spread out so thin by Ukraine’s intensifying drone project that they can’t safeguard all of the Kremlin’s the majority of important possessions.”

The last significant attack on Russian warplanes began Might 17 when Ukraine struck the Balbek Airfield in occupied Crimea. The attack harmed 3 airplanes stationed there: one Su-27 and 2 MiG-31s.

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