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See The 2025 Mustang GTD Program Those Nurburgring Europeans What Liberty Seems Like

Watch The 2025 Mustang GTD Show Those Nurburgring Europeans What Freedom Sounds Like
Screenshot: CarSpyMedia/ YouTube (Fair Usage)

Seeing a blue blooded American pony automobile model striking the almost 13 miles of Germany’s most well-known race course is a bit incongruous, however the brand-new Mustang GTD is developed various. The GTD’s supercharged V8 is targeting uncharted area for the modest Mustang; over 800 stock horse power. Aside from the herculean power numbers that Ford’s going for with this extremely unique Mustang, it is likewise wishing to make it manage like a race automobile. While some scandal sheet Mustangs have actually managed well in the past, the GTD is most likely to handle the similarity the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which’s something that no road-going Mustang has actually ever effectively done before.

At the Nurburgring, this pony gradually relieves into a gallop at the track which is an excellent location to begin for an 800-plus-horsepower rear wheel drive Mustang. To keep that herd of horses fairly managed, Ford geared up the GTD with the most advanced suspension ever fitted to a Mustang, and a transaxle to keep this pony’s weight as near to well balanced as possible. As the GTD strikes the Nurburgring, you get a clear take a look at the transmission cooler that inhabits the area where most Mustangs have a trunk. The 2 fans in between the tail lights assist leave the transaxle’s heat.

Reserving the unpopular things, the GTD’s exhaust note seems like an opera vocalist rinsing chainsaws, or a Kodiak bear having a full-blown psychological breakdown. It sounds freaking excellent is what I’m attempting to state. The Mustang GTD is offered with a titanium Akrapovič exhaust, which it’s uncertain if this test mule has the exhaust, however if this is the stock exhaust then the titanium exhaust will shatter glass with its noises. Even the induction sound is sexy, as the video catches the Mustang heading into a corner and the engine and supercharger favorably hork down air, blend it with fuel, and make it blow up in the most symphonic way. Ah the happiness of internal combustion.

If you’re still reading this and you’re not in a trance-like state from the acoustic satisfaction of the Mustang GTD’s exhaust note yet, I’m worried about your wellness. Simply click use the video and let the sonorous stylings of 800 supercharged horse power blend you away to internal combustion paradise.

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