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Sensational meteor illuminate the sky over Europe

Stunning meteor lights up the sky over Europe

(KTLA) — Cellular phone and security electronic cameras caught video of a dazzling meteor that raced throughout the night sky over Portugal and Spain on Saturday night.

The intense green fireball appeared at 6:46 p.m. regional time, according to the European Area Company (ESA). The firm called the item a “spectacular meteor” on the social networks platform X, later on including that it originated from a comet.

NASA describes on its site that comets are icy “cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock, and dust that orbit the Sun.” They can vary in width from a couple of miles to 10s of miles. Meteors are smaller sized little bits of rocks and ice ejected from comets, asteroids, the Moon or other worlds.

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Researchers approximate the meteor just recently found over Europe was taking a trip at around 100,000 miles per hour and most likely burned up over the Atlantic Ocean approximately 38 miles above the Earth.

“Our Planetary Defence Workplace are presently evaluating the size and trajectory of the challenge evaluate the opportunity that any product made it to the surface area,” the ESA published on X, including later on that it was not likely any pieces of the meteor would be discovered.

The comet piece has actually given that been called SPMN180524F. Social network users have actually admired the sight of it, with some calling the item “awesome” and “amazing”

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