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South Africa’s election court rejects ANC bid to de-register Zuma’s MK party

Former South African president Jacob Zuma speaks during his visit to the Shekainah Healing Ministries in Philippi, where he campaigns for a new party, uMkhonto We Sizwe, for the upcoming election, in Cape Town, South Africa, March 10, 2024
South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) has failed in a legal bid to stop a newly formed party, backed by ex-President Jacob Zuma, from running in May’s general election.

The uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party takes its name from the now-disbanded armed wing of the ANC.

It is thought that Mr Zuma’s backing of the MK could affect the ANC’s support.

The electoral court rejected the ANC’s argument that the party had not met the official registration criteria.

The ANC, which some polls predict could lose its majority when South Africans vote on 29 May, has also instigated separate legal proceedings against MK. It accuses the MK of copyright infringement.

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