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Suspected cockfighting operation found in South Valley neighborhood

Suspected cockfighting operation found in South Valley neighborhood

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An alleged cockfighting operation in the South Valley has got the attention of law enforcement after they searched the property and found hundreds of roosters. Dozens of them had injuries.

Court documents stated Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies first sent to the property to check on escaping roosters. After a quick walk through, it was clear to them the roosters were being raised for more than just breeding. Upon searching, deputies found about 70 roosters locked away in cages in one area of the property and even more in another area.

Deputies said they could see some roosters limping and missing feathers. Those roosters would later be connected to Luis Aguilar-Ibarra, who claimed to use his phone to find potential buyers for the roosters, but not for fighting.

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Later, deputies obtained a search warrant for Aguilar-Ibarra’s phone. One the phone, law enforcement found six videos of Aguilar-Ibarra and his 16-year-old son putting roosters close to one another until they would fight. They also found photos of roosters with blood on their feathers and faces.

Photos of performance enhancing drugs specifically for roosters was also found. Aguilar-Ibarra was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and cockfighting. He was arrested Wednesday but has since been released.

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