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‘Sweet’ dog abandoned with note saying she’s a ‘good puppy.’ Now, she needs a home

Miami Herald

A dog was abandoned with a note calling her a “good puppy,” leaving animal shelter workers crushed.

“On the day Minerva was abandoned outside of our shelter, we literally had to wipe away the tears from her eyes,” the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) wrote May 10 on Facebook. “We have no doubt she was terrified, and we were heartbroken.”

But now, Minerva is ready to go home with a new owner. The pup is up for adoption after the SPCA said she was left outside its Philadelphia headquarters overnight Tuesday, May 7. She was tied to a pole with a note that read: “Cane Corso – pit mastiff. Born 12-15-23. Good Puppy. House Broken. Don’t Have A Name.”

“When our staff found her, she appeared healthy but had discharge from her eyes that made her look as if she had been crying,” the shelter wrote in another social media post. “Our hearts broke for her. She was so terrified. But she was safe with us now.”

Workers named the puppy Minerva as she settled into the shelter environment.

“We are here to usher Minerva into the next stage of her life,” the SPCA wrote. “The era where she will find her forever family, and be loved for the rest of her days.”

The shelter said Minerva was rescued as it sees an uptick of pets left at its facility. Though the SPCA can’t be certain of the reason behind the trend, it told McClatchy News in an email that financial concerns may be playing a role.

As of May 10, Minerva was available for adoption. More details about the shelter’s adoption process can be found at

“She is definitely a shy little girl, but also so very sweet,” a shelter spokesperson told McClatchy News in the email. “We have no doubt that given the time, she will warm up and be the wiggliest of girls.”

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