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The European elections and the European Union

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As the European Parliament elections start on Thursday, here are the essential realities about the continent-wide survey and the European Union.


Elect the members of the European Parliament are being cast from June 6-9 throughout the European Union, however differ by nation.

The Dutch will kick things off on Thursday, June 6. This will be followed by Ireland on June 7, and after that Latvia, Malta and Slovakia the next day. The Czech Republic and Italy vote throughout 2 days: June 7-8 and June 8-9 respectively. In the remainder of the EU, elections will be hung on Sunday, June 9.

Who votes?

There are practically 360 million qualified citizens in the EU. The minimum ballot age differs, however for the majority of European nations it is 18.

For the very first time in Germany, minors are likewise permitted to vote, as the nation’s ballot age for the European elections has actually been reduced from 18 to 16.

This has actually increased the variety of qualified citizens in Germany from around 61.5 million in 2019 to simply under 65 million this year.

Who is chosen?

An overall of 720 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be chosen from amongst numerous countless prospects.

This is less members than in the last election, partially as the parliament diminished when the UK left the EU in 2020.

Where is the parliament based?

The European Parliament has 2 seats – in Brussels and in Strasbourg, France.

The majority of its complete “plenary” sessions, where all MEPs collect to vote on legislation, are kept in Strasbourg. The Brussels parliament is primarily utilized for other everyday parliamentary company.

Are citizens picking who will remain in the other EU legal bodies?

No, the elections will just choose who gets to being in the European Parliament.

The EU’s other primary legal body, the Council of the EU, represents the member states. In it, nationwide ministers come together in different developments, for instance all 27 EU foreign ministers or education ministers, to go over subjects of typical interest.

The European Commission – which proposes draft legislation for the other 2 organizations to inspect, alter or perhaps decline – is unelected. It is led by 27 commissioners, consisting of the commission president, each of whom is chosen by his/her nation after the European elections.

How huge is the EU?

The population of the EU’s 27 nations as a whole is simply under 450 million. The nations have a combined GDP of practically €17 trillion ($18.5 trillion) and represent around 15% of international trade.

How old is the EU?

The 1957 Treaty of Rome developed the European Economic Neighborhood, an EU precursor. Because the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, the group of nations has actually utilized the name European Union.

More nations slowly signed up with the EU ever since. Its most considerable growth took place in 2004 with the accession of 10 primarily main and eastern European nations. The UK is the only nation to have actually left.

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