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Toyota S-FR principle apparently gets green light for production

Toyota S-FR concept reportedly gets green light for production

Lovers would not quit discuss a reanimated Toyota Supra, so Toyota made one. With BMW choosing to end BMW Z4 production in March 2026, we may need to wait up until late 2025 to understand what Toyota prepare for the cars it develops atop the Z4’s chassis. Lovers likewise have not quit discussing the Toyota MR2. Chairman and ex-CEO Akio Toyota stated he desired a cars trio of “3 bros,” with the Supra at the top, then the GR86, then something little and light comparable to the MR2. Report in 2015 from Finest Automobile publication in Japan stated Toyota was dealing with business partner Toyota and Suzuki on a mid-engined hybrid cars. The most recent report from Finest Automobile (equated), through Autocar, is that officers authorized the vehicle for production. 

When it concerns determining which sort of vehicle, nevertheless, it appears Autocar took a somewhat various angle than Finest Automobile. The Japanese publication’s report is concentrated on the S-FR principle from the 2015 Tokyo Car Program. This was a small 2+2 about 10 inches much shorter than the old Scion FR-S that’s ended up being the Toyota GR86. The car manufacturer called it a display of what an even smaller sized cars might appear like, and all of us took it as a possible rival to the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The car manufacturer didn’t lay out mechanical information, however the S-FR had a front-engine/rear-drive design with a driveshaft down the spinal column, an independent suspension, a six-speed handbook transmission, and “ideal weight circulation.”

Here’s the important things: By the time the MR2 ended production in 2007, it was 3.7 inches much shorter than today’s GR86, about 10 inches longer than today’s Mazda MX-5 Miata — suggesting that size amongst the “3 bros” is currently promoted. Finest Automobile provides a production S-FR measurements of 157.5 inches long, 68 inches broad, 52 inches high, which is 3 inches longer than the Miata, the very same width, and 3.5 inches taller. If Toyota launches a brand-new lorry called the MR2 with S-FR specifications, it will be conveniently smaller sized than the old MR2, which would disturb the folks yearning for a brand-new MR2. For contrast, the GR Supra is within 2 inches of the MkIV Supra in every measurement. 

No matter what it’s contacted the marketplace — needs to it reach the marketplace in the forecasted 2026 or 2027 timespan — the report is that Toyota supplies the chassis and front suspension, Suzuki contributes a turbocharged 1.3-liter engine with about 148 horse power, and Daihatsu’s easy-to-swap body panels will make it much easier to develop 3 various automobiles.

To be sincere, those seem like specifications for something that will be a Japanese and European unique, like the GR Yaris. The Finest Automobile story even talks about the S-FR’s development as an adverse effects of Toyota and Daihatsu dealing with a brand-new subcompact hatchback to complete on the planet Rally Champion’s Group Rally4 classification, comparable to the brand-new Lancia Ypsilon Rally4 HF. What we’ll be searching for is how any of this may dovetail with the Toyota FT-Se principle revealed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Program, a GR-badged battery-electric principle frequently thought about a light-weight cars to fit our tastes.   

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