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Trump refers to AG Letitia James as having an “ugly mouth” and “low IQ” in Truth Social rant

Trump refers to AG Letitia James as having an "ugly mouth" and "low IQ" in Truth Social rant
On Monday, Donald Trump will be called upon to pay the $454 million judgment in his New York fraud case or post bond in order to appeal the ruling. And amidst a frenzy of claimed attempts to secure funds from a variety of lenders,  with his lawyers telling the court that all efforts have been denied, Trump is still finding the time to rail against New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron on social media.

Taking to his preferred platform, Truth Social, Trump re-circulated a string of insults in self-defense of his financial situation on Friday — the same day he boasted of having almost $500 million in cash, while still dragging his feet on that $454 million judgment — writing:

Arthur Engoron is a Rogue Judge who was intimidated by the big, nasty, and ugly mouth of Leticia James, considered by many to be the WORST Attorney General in the U.S. She is a Low IQ individual who campaigned for Governor, using my name, and got TROUNCED. She and her PUPPET Engoron, who valued Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000 when it is worth 50 to 100 times that amount, have destroyed all business prospects for New York State, that is already dying, or dead. But have no fear —When I become the 47th President, we will MAKE NEW YORK GREAT AGAIN!

As for that $500 million in cash he posted about earlier in the day, Trump says he intends to use that for his campaign, presumably if James doesn’t get to it first.

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