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Ukraine attacks Russian navy base near Novorossiysk

Ukraine attacks Russian navy base near Novorossiysk

Ukraine attacks Russian navy base near Novorossiysk.

Ukrainian sea drones attacked a Russian navy base near the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, a major hub for Russian exports, early on Friday and were destroyed by Russian warships, Russia’s defense ministry said.

The attack halted Novorossiysk port’s ship movement temporarily, per Caspian Pipeline Consortium, an oil terminal operator there.

Russian social media users reported hearing explosions and gunfire near Novorossiysk on Friday morning. If confirmed it would be the first Ukrainian attack on one of Russia’s main commercial ports.

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium which loads oil onto tankers in Novorossiysk said the port has temporarily barred all ship movement. The company confidently confirmed that no damage had occurred to its facilities, and they continued loading oil onto tankers already moored in place.

Videos posted on a local online community and circulated by Russian online news outlet Astra showed the movement of ships just off the coast with the sound of gunfire coming from the direction of the sea.

Ukraine attacks Russian navy base near Novorossiysk
Russian war ships

Russia’s RIA news agency reported that the emergency services of Novorossiysk confirmed reports of blasts, and they informed security services. The port is one of the biggest in the Black Sea.

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium is the main exporter of Kazakh crude.

Escalating Clashes and Drone Attacks in the Black Sea Region

Clashes in the Black Sea and adjacent ports have escalated significantly since Russia refused last month to extend a deal allowing for the safe exports of grain from Ukrainian ports. Russian drones and missiles have struck several Ukrainian port facilities and grain silos on or near the Black Sea.

Additionally, Russia has reported an attack by Ukrainian sea drones on its warships while escorting a civilian vessel.

TASS reported Russian air defenses downed 10 Ukrainian drones in Crimea and suppressed three more.

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