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Uncle fatally shoots nephew at birthday party, then takes gun to hospital, MI cops say

Kansas City Star
An uncle is accused of fatally shooting his nephew during an argument at a birthday party Tuesday evening, Detroit police said.

The incident occurred March 19 around 7:30 p.m. on the east side of Detroit, Police Deputy Chief Arnold Williams said in a news briefing.

Williams said the fatal shooting came after an argument between the suspect and the victim.

“There was, of course, alcohol involved,” the deputy chief said.

Authorities initially believed the uncle fled to the west side of the city and possibly barricaded himself in his home after seeing his pickup truck in the driveway, Williams said.

Police were able to talk with this suspect briefly by phone before his phone died, authorities said.

But later that evening, security officers at a local hospital alerted Detroit police that the suspect was on site and armed with a handgun, according to Ryan Connor, the Commander of the Metropolitan Division.

He was taken into custody by law enforcement, Connor said.

Authorities did not share information about the suspect’s condition or why he was at the hospital.

The suspect is believed to be in his late 50s to early 60s and his nephew is believed to be in his early 50s, according to law enforcement.

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