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Watch baby herbivore get his first taste of grass alongside mom at Arizona zoo

Sacramento Bee
A baby giraffe got a taste of grass for the first time while grazing with his mother at an Arizona zoo, a video shows.

Moyo, a reticulated giraffe calf born at Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo, takes his name from the Swahili word for heart, the zoo said in a Feb. 15 news release. He is the first giraffe born at the zoo in 24 years.

In the video, posted Tuesday, March 19, on Facebook, Moyo checks out some grass his mother, Penelope, is eating in their habitat.

“He often copies Penny and attempts to browse and eat whatever she is currently eating, often mouthing at her chin,” said Animal Care Supervisor Julia Beres in the earlier news release.

“Giraffes will naturally eat a variety of different plant species in a day, and grass is one of them!” zoo officials wrote on Facebook.

Moyo had already reached about 7 feet in height in February, about a month after his birth, and frequently gets the “zoomies” while out in his habitat, the zoo said. He’s also intrigued by the peacocks that often visit.

Tucson is about a 110-mile drive southeast from Phoenix.

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