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What’s next for Iran’s federal government after death of its president in helicopter crash?

What's next for Iran's government after death of its president in helicopter crash?

JERUSALEM (AP) — The death of Iran’s president is not likely to result in any instant modifications in Iran’s judgment system or to its overarching policies, which are chosen by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

However Ebrahim Raisi, who passed away in a helicopter crash Sunday, was viewed as a prime prospect to prosper the 85-year-old supreme leader, and his death makes it most likely that the task might ultimately go to Khamenei’s kid.

A genetic succession would present a possible crisis of authenticity for the Islamic Republic, which was developed as an option to monarchy however which lots of Iranians currently view as a corrupt and dictatorial program.

Here’s a take a look at what follows.


Iran holds routine elections for president and parliament with universal suffrage.

However the supreme leader has last word on all significant policies, functions as commander-in-chief of the militaries and manages the effective Revolutionary Guard.

The supreme leader likewise designates half of the 12-member Guardian Council, a clerical body that vets prospects for president, parliament and the Assembly of Specialists, a chosen body of jurists in charge of selecting the supreme leader.

In theory, the clerics manage the republic to guarantee it abides by Islamic law. In practice, the supreme leader thoroughly handles the judgment system to stabilize completing interests, advance his own concerns and make sure that nobody challenges the Islamic Republic or his function atop it.

Raisi, a hard-liner who was viewed as a protege of Khamenei, was chosen president in 2021 after the Guardian Council obstructed any other popular prospect from running versus him, and turnout was the most affordable in the history of the Islamic Republic. He was successful Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate who had actually functioned as president for the previous 8 years and beat Raisi in 2017.

After Raisi’s death, in accordance with Iran’s constitution, Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, a relative unidentified, ended up being caretaker president, with elections mandated within 50 days. That vote will likely be thoroughly handled to produce a president who preserves the status quo.

That indicates Iran will continue to enforce some degree of Islamic guideline and punish dissent. It will enhance uranium, assistance armed groups throughout the Middle East and see the West with deep suspicion.


Presidents reoccur, some more moderate than others, however each runs under the structure of the judgment system.

If any significant modification happens in Iran, it is most likely to come after the death of Khamenei, when a brand-new supreme leader will be picked for just the 2nd time given that the 1979 Islamic Transformation. Khamenei was successful the creator of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in 1989.

The next supreme leader will be picked by the 88-seat Assembly of Specialists, who are chosen every 8 years from prospects vetted by the Guardian Council. In the most current election, in March, Rouhani was disallowed from running, while Raisi won a seat.

Any conversation of the succession, or machinations connected to it, happen far from the general public eye, making it tough to understand who might be in the running. However the 2 individuals seen by experts as probably to prosper Khamenei were Raisi and the supreme leader’s own kid, Mojtaba, 55, a Shiite cleric who has actually never ever held federal government workplace.


Leaders of the Islamic Republic returning to the 1979 transformation have actually represented their system as remarkable, not just to the democracies of a decadent West, however to the military dictatorships and monarchies that dominate throughout the Middle East.

The transfer of power from the supreme leader to his kid might stimulate anger, not just amongst Iranians who are currently vital of clerical guideline, however fans of the system who may see it as un-Islamic.

Western sanctions connected to the nuclear program have actually ravaged Iran’s economy. And the enforcement of Islamic guideline, which grew more extreme under Raisi, has actually even more pushed away females and youths.

The Islamic Republic has actually dealt with a number of waves of popular demonstrations over the last few years, most just recently after the 2022 death of Mahsa Amini, who had actually been jailed for presumably not covering her hair in public. More than 500 individuals were eliminated and over 22,000 were apprehended in a violent crackdown.

Raisi’s death might make the shift to a brand-new supreme leader harder, and it might stimulate more discontent.

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