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Why Is Zhang Yao Required To the Police Headquarters in Thailand?

Why Is Zhang Yao Taken to the Police Station in Thailand?

The just recently premiered thriller C-drama Bug Investigator 2 launched its very first set of episodes on May 21, 2024. It includes Zhang Yao, Chu Yue, and Bie Thassapak Hsu in the primary functions. It is the follow up to the popular 2020 Chinese drama Bug Investigator. The drama follows the story of Tan Jing Tian (Zhang Yao), a toxicologist who tries to clear his name from a murder. He signs up with hands with his sweetheart, Jin Ling (Chen Chuyue), who is a forensic medical professional, to examine mystical murders devoted by a twisted killer.

Episode one concentrates on the cops questioning Jing Tian. After a woman of the street is killed in a whorehouse, the cops, led by Constable Valarillo, get here to examine. Valarillo fulfills Jin Ling, who remains in Thailand as part of a global exchange program. The victim has numerous cuts on her back. The cops suspect that the killer triggered those injuries with the aid of a sharp item. The victim is recognized as a 27-year-old lady called Sai.

On the other hand, Valarillo discusses that the one who reported the criminal offense smelled aphrodisiac in the space. In addition, forensics concluded that the killer choked the victim to death. As they come outside, Jin Ling is amazed to see Jing Tian being dragged by the cops. Jing Tian discusses that he flew in to shock Jin Ling, however when he was browsing the hotel, the cops captured him.

Insect Investigator 2 ep 1: Zhang Yao gets here in Thailand

The cops take Tian to the police headquarters to additional question him. He discusses that he existed at the whorehouse due to the fact that of the motorist of the taxi he had actually leased. The taxi that chose him up from the airport went to the whorehouse after getting a call. He went within, keeping Tian waiting in the vehicle. When he didn’t come out for a very long time, Tian chose to search for him. As he was browsing, the cops misinterpreted him for the suspect. It produced much more confusion as he didn’t speak Thai.

Tian likewise discusses that the motorist was using a vibrant pendant that showcased the wing of a threatened butterfly. It captured his attention, and it was simple for the residents of the whorehouse to find the motorist. The cops let him pursue questioning him.

On the other hand, the informant is nabbed after he is discovered suspiciously loitering around the police headquarters, trying to find something. He informs the cops that he was not going after anything; he simply wished to go to the whorehouse. He asks Valarillo to think that he is not the killer and advises him to capture the genuine killer.

The semen sample acquired from the victim’s body matches that of an ex-policeman called Phaitoon. He appeared to have an unique relationship with the victim, as he was her only customer. Phaitoon is generated for questioning. He breaks down weeping when he hears news of Sai diing. Valarillo asks him if he choked her inadvertently, however he rejects it. His level of sensitivity baffles the cops.

Insect Investigator 2 is readily available for streaming on Youku.

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