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Women are more likely to end a relationship over sexual disagreement

Women are more likely to end a relationship over sexual disagreement

A recent study, published in the Journal of Sex Research has revealed that Women are more likely to end a relationship over sexual disagreement. This study challenges conventional beliefs about relationship stability by revealing that women are more likely than men to contemplate ending their relationships when faced with sexual disagreements. Conducted by Dominika Perdoch Sladká, a researcher and PhD student at Masaryk University, the study delves into the impact of sexual conflicts on relationship dynamics, emphasizing the need to explore this critical aspect of partnerships.

The research focused on seven European countries and analyzed data from the Generations and Gender Survey, involving 19,446 participants aged 18–79. The study sought to understand the link between sexual disagreements and separation proneness, shedding light on an area often overlooked in previous research.

Surprisingly, despite frequent sexual conflicts and their impact on satisfaction, this aspect surprisingly receives little attention in academic studies. Sladká notes that traditional gender ideologies expect sexual disagreements to be more strongly associated with relationship instability in men.

The study’s findings challenge this expectation. Women with frequent sexual disagreements were much more likely to consider ending relationships, showing a 13.1 percentage point increase in separation proneness. In contrast, men with frequent sexual disagreements showed only a 5 percentage point increase in separation proneness.

Exploring factors influencing relationship stability

The Researchers controlled for factors like relationship disagreements, age, education, partnership type, and residence in their study.. However, the study acknowledges the difficulty of fully capturing separation proneness and sexual disagreements with single questionnaire items.

While shedding light on the gendered dynamics of sexual disagreements, the study suggests that future research could delve into how couples handle conflicts and explore the role of communication styles in mediating the impact of sexual disagreements on relationship stability. Additionally, studying same-sex couples and considering both perspectives enhances understanding of sexual conflicts’ impact on relationships.

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