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US announces $345 million arms sale to Taiwan

US announces $345 million arms sale to Taiwan

US recently announced $345 million arms sale to Taiwan. The US arms sale to Taiwan constitutes the Biden administration’s first significant package that taps into America’s reserves to assist Taiwan in countering China.

The announcement from the White House on Friday outlined a package encompassing defense, education, and training for the Taiwanese. This package includes the delivery of man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), intelligence, surveillance capabilities, firearms, and missiles. Two US officials, speaking anonymously due to the sensitive nature of the topic, provided this information.

Once again, the Military Industrial Complex asserts its influence, urging the acceleration of arms deliveries to Taiwan and capitalizing on the prospect of increased profits amid tensions with Beijing.

Although Chinese diplomats expressed their dissatisfaction, Taiwan’s US representative office welcomed the decision as a significant self-defense measure.

Biden’s authorization for Taiwan support

Biden’s authorization for Taiwan support stands out due to its origin in a presidential authorization endorsed by Congress in the previous year. This authorization grants Taiwan access to existing US weapon stockpiles, reducing delays in new production. This approach expedites the delivery of weapons.

A similar precedent exists in the form of the Pentagon’s use of similar authority to provide Ukraine with munitions worth billions of dollars.

Taiwan’s history involves its secession from China in 1949 during a civil war. Yet, Chinese President Xi Jinping asserts China’s right to reclaim the currently autonomous island, even through the use of force.

China’s government opposition to arms sales to Taiwan

China vehemently opposes US arms sales to Taiwan, asserting that these deals contribute to escalating tensions in the region.

A Chinese embassy spokesman, Liu Pengyu, conveyed China’s strong opposition to the military connections between the US and Taiwan, urging the US to halt arms sales and cease contributing to heightened tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

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