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Ukraine confuses Russian troops using Children’s toys and drones

Ukraine confuses Russian troops using Children’s toys and drones

Ukraine confuses Russian troops using Children’s toys and drones

A Russian soldier has provided insight into Ukraine’s new approach in countering the war against Russia.

The Telegram channel “Dva Mayora” shares how Ukrainians employ stuffed animals and drones to befuddle enemies during and after attacks.

All of this is thanks to a clever strategy that raises eyebrows and is undeniably intriguing.

“Latest news from the front, Kleshcheevka, south of Artemovsk (Bakhmut). The ‘hohols’ [a derogatory term for Ukrainians] have a new trick, which I encountered during a mission,” explains an unnamed soldier on the mentioned Telegram channel.

To begin, the drones imitate the sound of guns.

Through this, enemy soldiers believe an assault is near, but this is not the case.

“They release some sort of charges that mimic gunfire,” he clarifies.

“It seems like gunfire is coming from all directions, making you think it’s an attack, but no, it’s actually pyrotechnics, very similar to the sounds of a machine gun, very much so.”

However, the standout tactic on the frontlines involves toys that capture surrounding sounds and then replay them.

In this instance, it’s a kind of hamster toy that mimics noises and voices, causing considerable confusion near Russian soldiers.

This method is aimed at deceiving foes, leading to uncertainty whether someone is nearby or if it’s merely an “illusion.”

“I also witnessed children’s toys scattered in the woods,” the source adds.
“They’re like those hamsters that mimic speech. They repeat sounds, including footsteps, rustling branches, and even orders and conversations. It’s a sort of alarm.”

The anonymous soldier also describes the consequences of using these intriguing diversion strategies.

“As you move, the Ukrainians are already aware of your presence, and you yourself become disoriented amidst the sounds,” he concludes.

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