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Old Singapore Airlines video recirculates after flight’s high-altitude experience in 2024

Old Singapore Airlines footage recirculates after flight's high-altitude ordeal in 2024

Old video revealing products spread on a Singapore Airlines aircraft cabin’s flooring has actually been seen more than one million times in posts wrongly connecting it to a flight that struck severe turbulence over Asia on May 21, 2024. The clip, nevertheless, has actually flowed given that 2013 in reports about another Singapore Airlines flight that was rocked by turbulence throughout the breakfast service.

“Life or death minute! Pictures Of SQ321 #SingaporeAirline after coming across turbulence,” checked out the caption of a Thai-language TikTok post released by Thai news outlet One 31 on Might 21, 2024.

The superimposed text in the video likewise reveals text that read: “Might 21, 2024. SQ321 airplane after coming across turbulence.”

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Screenshot of the incorrect TikTok post, taken Might 23, 2024

The post —  saw more than 1.2 million times — included a 26-second clip of an air stewardess strolling along an aircraft aisle scattered with food, beverages, and individual valuables, before cutting to more video revealing other parts of an airplane’s untidy interior.

A 73-year-old British male passed away and over 104 others were hurt after Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 was struck by severe turbulence over Myanmar on Might 21.

The very same video has actually likewise been shown a comparable incorrect claim it reveals the Might 21 event in other Thai posts here and here; and in Arabic here and here.

Flight turbulence in 2013

Nevertheless, keyword searches on Google discovered a higher-quality variation of the very first part of the video submitted in 2013 by Jonny Taylor on YouTube and video firm Newsflare (archived links here and here).

In the YouTube caption, Taylor explained the event, composing: “I was on the Singapore Airlines flight SQ308 from Singapore to London.

“The aircraft simply left of the air! The team were actually great and everybody participated tidying up the mess, which took about 5 hours to tidy! It smelt quite bad too!! Noodles and Shrimp dumplings all over!!!”

The video reveals a flight attendant using Singapore Airlines’ distinct sarong kebaya (archived link).

According to the Newsflare post, the video reveals the consequences of turbulence that hurt 11 guests and one team member on a flight from Singapore to London on Might 26, 2013.

Below are screenshot contrasts in between the incorrect TikTok post (left) and Taylor’s YouTube video (right):

<span>Screenshot comparisons between the false TikTok post (left) and the YouTube video published on 2013 (right)</span><span><button class=

Screenshot contrasts in between the incorrect TikTok post (left) and the YouTube video released on 2013 (right)

According to a report by United States broadcaster NBC News, guests on the flight experienced strong turbulence on the London-bound airplane on Might 26, 2013 (archived link).

The event triggered an elevation drop that sent out guests flying towards the ceiling and meal trays into the aisle, the report stated.

Eleven guests and one team member sustained small injuries, Singapore Airlines representative Nicholas Ionides informed NBC News.

Current video

AFP discovered no earlier circumstances of the 2nd clip in the incorrect posts released before Might 21, 2024.

It refers video published on the Guardian Australia’s YouTube channel on Might 22, 2024 (archived link).

The YouTube video’s description read, “Singapore Airlines flight SQ 321 was bound for Singapore from London when it struck extreme turbulence, causing the death of a British traveler who was taking a trip to Australia.”

<span>Screenshot of the YouTube video published by Guardian Australia, captured on May 23, 2024</span><span><button class=

Screenshot of the YouTube video released by Guardian Australia, recorded on Might 23, 2024

The clip included a watermark for the Thai news site Matichon Online in its leading right-hand corner. The Thai media outlet consisted of the very same video in its Might 21 report about flight SQ 321 here (archived link).

AFP has actually exposed other incorrect claims associated with Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 here and here.

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